Zero-Trust Gateways Security

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Malware prevention
that doesn’t rely on detection

The current methods cannot Malware issues


Customer Benefits

ReSec creates a safe and productive working environment with full protection against known and unknown malware threats.

Keep Your Organization Safe

Deliver clean and trusted files including email attachments, web content and files from external drives, digital vaults, and FTP servers.

Enhance User Productivity

Process high volumes of content and ensure rapid delivery without delay or disruption of work activities.

Reduce IT Operation Costs

Deploy an effective cyber- defense solution that runs without costly IT manpower resources.

Total Malware Prevention

ReSec processes all inbound content, analyzes the structure, and rebuilds a duplicate file based on the original format – isolating suspicious elements and guaranteeing all users receive clean and trusted files.

Seamless User Experience

ReSec solutions create a non- intrusive user experience with no latency during file transfer and no impact on network performance. Most of your employees will probably not even know it is there.

Rapid Deployment

ReSec solutions include smooth and rapid deployment, easy customization, seamless integration with existing infrastructure, in- house maintenance and a wide range of ongoing support packages

RESEC is a software solution that completely prevents known and unknown (“zero- day”) file-based malware threats from all common attack vectors.

How the system works

Pretecting you from all around

About Resec

ReSec delivers peace of mind for owners and managers, and empowers end-users to do what they need to do – open emails, download content from the web, and receive critical content from any source without fear that hidden malware will

infiltrate and compromise the organization’s valuable data and assets – all without the holdups and delays created by bottlenecks and false positives typical of existing solutions.


ReSec provides the 360-degree security you need

– total protection against all types of known and unknown malware threats including viruses, Trojans, ransomware and phishing, regardless of their delivery method or entry point, including email, web traffic, thumb drives, FTP, digital vaults and others.

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Tel: +66 -(0)63-232-7285