Prioritization to Prediction: Getting Real About Remediation.

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We Prevent What Others Can’t Find

At Deep Instinct we provide resilient prevention against the ever-increasing
avalanche of new and complex threats. This resilient prevention is achieved
through the advanced application of deep learning to cybersecurity which
enables greater protection against the failings of other solutions.
With the ability to predict and prevent any kind of threat – known and
unknown, every endpoint, server, mobile, network and operating system is
protected against any type of attack, be it fileless or file-based.
This advanced approach to threat prevention ensures that attacks are
identified and blocked in zero time, before any damage can be caused.
It’s time to start making your security stack more effective, less costly,
and less dependent on your SOC team profile. All while maintaining a
continuously trusted state.

It’s time to move to DeepGen cybersecuri

Doing What No Other Solution Can The Deep Instinct Advantage

The only prevention controls worth deploying are those you can depend on day in and day out. While 100% prevention all the time is not possible, the end-to-end resilient prevention delivered by Deep Instinct outpaces the alternatives by far. We give you the best chance to maintain business continuity no matter what threats you encounter.

Resilient Prevention

  • Prevent more unknown threats through learning and prediction
  • 100% Raw Data based, non-linear model
  • Ensure business continuity as new threat campaigns emerge
  • Zero-time automated actions means no delays
  • Deep Learning Brain fully trained by Deep Instinct

No Trade-off Security

  • High efficacy, no compromise required
  • Great user experience
  • Low false positives
  • No business interference, no administration burden

Broad Attack Surface Protection

  • Broadest variety of files and fileless types Multi-OS, multi-environment (Endpoint, Mobile, Servers, Cloud, Network) Wide coverage of attack vectors Offline or online security

Low Maintenance

  • Maximise ROI
  • Minimal CPU usage & size
  • Minimal patches and configuration
  • Fully autonomous (no human involvement, no feature engineering)
  • Only two updates a year

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