About Us

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GVM Global aims to provide cyber security solutions for enterprises in Thailand. Our philosophy is to provide a technology agnostic solution that is highly customisable to deliver effective and relevant solutions. Our goal is to maintain a stable and secure working environment for our clients.


“In order to achieve an effective security framework, there must be a focus on the omnichannel security solution that promotes the synchronisation between the people, process and technology.”

We have invested in designing a workflow with a team of experts who delivers the support and services to serve the clients’ needs. The technology solutions are focused on maintaining the operational stability of an organisation with maximum focus on low learning curve, low management overhead and delivering an indepth report allowing the clients to assess their security posture with ease. With our specialised trainings direct from a team of experienced personnels and the product development team will allow a fluid workflow maintaining a smooth process during the operations.

Below we have a selection of products and services offered by GVM Global. Explore the Zero-Trust Security Framework by local experts that will allow you to strive even further with ease. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact info

Unit 1211, 12th Floor, NUAM Building

Sukhumvit 21 Rd (Asoke), Bangkok, Thailand


Tel: +66 -(0)63-232-7285